The Ananana Ltd was found 2016 by a Georgian designer Ana-Nana Chikviladze.Her name is also registered as a brand at DPMA. All hats and headwear are carefully hand-crafted exclusively in Georgia. The applications are embellished with gemstones. A touch of luxury surrounds the wearer! This young label wants to create fashion accessoiries of extravagant design, that would be perceived with interest. The headwear from ANA N ANA will make the wearer the highlight of any après-ski. The credo of ANA N ANA collection is to attract a lot of attention.

Ana-Nana Chikviladze

I was born 1997 as Ana-Nana. Since my childhood everybody was calling me Nanuka. All those who know me, don’t know that it’s just my nickname.I grew up in a household, where I was surrounded by wool, needles, pearls and many other objects, which my grandmother, my mother and my aunt used to create beautiful hats, scarves, shawls, but also bags and accessories. Even as a little girl I already wanted to have my own stuff…I started to draw and to knit, designed many beautiful things. My grandmother was helping me with manufacturing. Many years passed this way…It has always been my dream to become a designer. As a teenager I started to create my own designs in a more professional way. My aunt has a boutique workshop on K. Apkhadzi street. They sell many accessories there. My hats and headwear and all the other things I designed were also presented there.


2016 Mr. Wolfgang Kasper from Germany was visiting his nephew in Tbilisi. In the evening he was exploring the Old town and its shops. He couldn’t find a single shop that would be selling hats and headwear. That’s when the idea to open a headwear store in Tbilis started to fall into place. Mr. Kasper is working internationally as a fashion scout, designer and business angel. In Germany he runs an exclusive boutique for hats and headwear, as well as shawls and scarves. After a few days in Tbilisi, while looking for a suitable location, he discovered my small workshop in the Apkhaze street. He was so impressed by the hats designed by me, that were lying in the store window, that he immediately discarded the idea to open his own shop. He entered my shop, that was managed by my aunt and me as a part-time activity beside my university studies. After a couple of months, Mr. Kasper has decided to support me as a business angel. During the last two years Mr. Kasper helped me to create my own collection. He was supporting and sponsoring some of the big international brands during the last 30 years. In the beginning of this year I already have successfully presented my collection at the TRENDSET and ISPO MÜNCHEN.